Quasar Analytics is a dynamic data processing team set to bring perfection in your industry by staging critical figures needed for decision-making.

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Geodata Processing
and Analytics

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LiDAR data strip and control points geometry adjustment

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LiDAR/photogrammetric pointcloud classification

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Custom DTM and DSM

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Quality control and Quality Assurance at all phases of production

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Reports and statistics for dangerous objects

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3D digital twins for infrastructure and real estate projects

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Computer Vision

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Change in any component appearance over time as observed in recurring inspection images

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Automatic object detection

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Automatic defect recognition for inspected objects

about us

We help infrastructure and industrial operators increase reliability and save costs by offering high-quality inspection analysis services.

Thanks to our experience in cartography and machine learning, we can offer you a wide range of geospatial processing solutions and custom AI-driven services. We provide impeccable geo-analysis focused around LiDAR/photogrammetric pointclouds and imagery surveys after any surveillance - terrestrial, mobile and aerial.

Main subjects we are focused on:

Prevent fatal events due to technical faults for powerline components, reporting encroaching objects and vegetation, simulating wire condition at different weather environments

Increase the safety of the rail corridors and corresponding level crossing

Decrease the road traffic crashes - street signs visibility, potholes, lack of speed monitoring systems

Mitigate risks by monitoring and analysing pipeline corridors, soil erosion, oil spill detection

Preventing industrial tragedies through direct reporting of assets defects

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